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I met a lady called Verena on the Warrior Forum the other day.

She and her team build sites for online businesses and affiliate marketers. In fact, they have been the most popular web design team on the Warrior Forum since 2010.

Yes, Verena builds high converting sites. That’s her “superpower”.

Not many know, however, that she makes a killing selling ugly t-shirts on the internet during her free time.

She showed me her proven steps on how she regularly rolls out lots of t-shirt designs that almost always sell.

I was totally blown away by her method! It’s just freaking smart marketing!

She’s been receiving payments like these in her PayPal accounts:

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It makes her quite a lot of money as you can see in the screenshot.
Ain’t that fantastic?

Verena is not a t-shirt designer. She showed me her shirt designs and, to be honest, I find most of them are kinda “ugly”, so to speak.

Most of her designs are just text-based, while a few have small graphics added which she buys from Shutterstock.

That’s it.

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