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Content writing sucks (but it doesn’t have to)


Adding good content to your site can be both time consuming and frustrating. You have to:

  • Browse sites, looking for inspiration
  • Make sure the articles match your audience/topic
  • Verify that it was popular enough that it’s worth the hassle to post on your site
  • Curate the post

Tons of work, right? It’s hours a day if you do a good job. There’s now a better way!

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It is a web-based service that curates content from the top viral and news sites continually. But even better than that, it also constantly tracks social signals (likes, shares, retweets, etc) so it knows which ones are “going viral” or are at least popular.

Now you no longer need to find current or viral news – it’s brought right to you!

General interest or keyword-targeted. Full autopost and manual curation modes. Trending viral posts or just solid content. NO SOFTWARE OR PLUGINS TO WORRY ABOUT.

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(And feel free to thank me when you have hours more free time!)

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