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Is your WordPress totally secure?


Back in 2013, when wordpress sites got hit a lot with Chinese botnet attacks.. My friend Chelsea got hacked BAD. Real bad. Islamic flags and all access destroyed. She even put other site owners at risk. It was awful – her hosting account got terminated & PayPal shut down, the whole 9 yards. Her home page was defaced and her data was deleted from the server.

It was a nightmare. The hosting company couldn’t restore the backup. The customer data got compromised. The traffic she was getting started to dwindle by the minute.

In short.. Her business was in shambles, overnight.

When they pulled up her server logs, to diagnose the hack and find out what happened (which, by the way, not every site owner can afford).

They discovered that the error lied in WordPress vulnerability which allowed hackers full access to Chelsea’s sites. This error
 opened up full access to WordPress, then her hosting account, and then her entire dedicated server that hosted her and other sites.

While the hackers rummaged through her server, Chelsea was cooking dinner for her husband at home. And she had no idea!
 This devastation started only the next morning, when she woke up to an ANGRY letter from her hosting provider, saying she was
 BANNED from using their services.

What does Chelsea do now?!

Now.. it was too late!

But what if Chelsea took the time to protect herself, before it all happened?

What if she had a “firewall” for her WordPress? Well, back in 2013, they didn’t have one. But now they do!
It’s called OktoShield, and it’s a tiny plugin for WordPress which
makes your site “invisible” to WP hackers & script kiddies:

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Using OktoShield, you can make any WordPress site “invisible” to hackers!

This is WordPress security nirvana. OktoShield works on up to 100 personal-use sites.

  • Secure your WordPress sites instantly
  • 60-second installation
  • Protect your content
  • Know your business is safe from intruders and bot scanners

Watch this video now to learn more:

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With a software like this, Chelsea would’ve been 100% safe, too bad that was in 2013.. But now it’s 2016, so you no longer have to put yourself at risk like Chelsea did, when she didn’t use protection for her WordPress site. This firewall is what you need to get safe now.

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