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Create and Print Full Color Books, Guides, and Newsletters Using CreateSpace


Introducing the element of a physical book in your business will allow you to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd!

Also the possibilities are endless with kids books and Adult coloring books which are hot right now!

When it comes to printing physical books (especially full color) there are tons of little details that you need to get right to even get your book published and looking good (without errors).

The headaches for this entire process are tremendously real – I’ve gone through them all and packaged it up in a bow!

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I go through all of this:

  • Getting the Page Setup, Margins, Headers and Footers Correct (Real Pain if you don’t know what you are doing)
  • The special settings you need to have for your images for you to submit your book error-free to CreateSpace (another HUGE PAIN)
  • How to structure Chapters and Table of Contents (different from digital books)
  • Print Book Covers – Overview of templates, how to use them and unique ideas for your back covers
  • Free Resources of everything you need for your CreateSpace printing (get all the templates for FREE)

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